We’re constantly pushing our own boundaries forward to achieve unique
high quality products for all of our clients.
Software for Business Development
Bring your
Ideas to life
with Standard Development
We believe in building long-term relationships with clients
based upon shared ideals and success.

Reach the ideal future, with our Business Solutions

We know how to effectively create a software that will nurture relationships with your customers, employees or prospects.

Mission & Vision

We’re nothing if not passionate about what we do.

Our mission is to deliver forward-thinking ideas that will help any business in a meaningful way by building stronger brands, increasing visibility, generating leads, improving work-flow and driving results.

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Custom Solutions


Employees & Contractors


Years experience

Custom Software Development

SD offers development of unique and powerful software meantto meetthe customers demands.
Our specialists can deliver the best solutions that accord with all the requirements, and also comply with the timeand budgetlimits.

Mobile Applications Development

We have created our own mobile applications, but we have also developed apps for customers that came only with an idea.
Our team has the vision and also the ability to create apps that can become viral.

Website Design & Development

Today, the website is the business card of every company.
Keeping up with the evolving web technologies, we have been continuously shaping our services and products to meet the growing demand for fast, but also secure websites.


We provide e-commerce solutions, based on our clients demands.
The platform can be customized through an open source solution, or can be developed from scratch.


CRM refers to practices, strategies and technologies that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle.

Outsource Staffing

We know that the people you work with can determinate your business success or failure. We also know that looking for a partner to work with you can be a challenge.

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